Building your own home: The benefits of custom build

The primary benefit of custom build is that you can achieve a home designed specifically for you and your family’s lifestyle. A flexible, quality living space, tailored to suit your requirements, now and in the future.

custom build

What is a custom build home?

Custom build is one of the ways that the Government is using to solve the housing shortage. Custom build homes are self-build homes facilitated in some way by a developer. This still offers the chance to have a unique home that suits your needs, lifestyle and design preferences, but through a more hands-off approach than a traditional self-build.

Working from home

If you enjoy the independence and freedom that comes with working from home, custom build allows you to create an inspired workspace, whether you want a multi-purpose area, separate room or a studio in your garden.

Family friendly space

Do you have young children? Do you crave more space? With custom build, you can design a child friendly space with savvy storage solutions that can also adapt as your children grow older. Whether you prefer open plan living or like to be able to close a door on a defined play area, the choices are yours.

Freedom in retirement

If you want to downsize to fund your retirement by cutting down on home maintenance and utility bills or simply to enjoy a home that is more accessible, sustainable and comfortable for your later years, custom build can offer the perfect alternative to expensive retirement developments. You can configure your home to your exact requirements, enjoy all the benefits of a mixed community while remaining close to shops, hospitals and good transport links.

Caring for an elderly or disabled family member

Caring for an elderly parent or relative is much easier if you can design a space that suits everyone’s needs. If you’ve tried to look for an existing house that ticks all the boxes, you’ll appreciate how challenging it is to achieve the right balance of space, privacy and functionality. Custom build lets you design an accessible and inclusive space giving them freedom to move around independently and safely.

Future proofing your home

When you’re involved with the design of your home from the outset, a few simple decisions can ensure your house stands the test of time. This could be intelligent technology that makes life a bit easier or energy saving choices, that reduce your environmental impact.

Sustainable living

Through custom build, you can live in a high-quality home that is lighter, brighter, better insulated and more energy efficient than more traditional dwellings.  From the outset, you can incorporate features that are important to you and make significant energy savings while lessening your carbon footprint. Some custom build sites have a specific focus on sustainable living with an emphasis on biodiversity, edible landscapes and sustainable drainage.


 It’s possible to enjoy savings of around 10 – 15% on the cost of a developer new build with custom build.  And these savings can be more if you’re willing to roll your sleeves up and do some of the jobs yourself.


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