The Build-Zone Code of Conduct for Home Builders obtains full CTSi Approval

Following Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) Stage One approval of the Build-Zone Code of Conduct for Home Builders, the Build-Zone New Home Warranty has now received full CTSi approval.


The Build-Zone Code of Conduct for Home Builders is a mandatory Code which has been established to ensure that consumers are protected from undesirable trading practices during the New Home purchase process, and that best practice is followed by Builders/ Developers (and their respective Agents) who are registered with Build-Zone in respect of the marketing, sale and purchase of New Homes, and also provides expected standards for after sales customer care and service including the rectification of snagging items.

Build-Zone’s Code provides a clear process for consumer complaints which are made in writing to the Developer within two years of the date of the Completion of the New Home purchase.

The Code also applies to second and subsequent Buyers of the New Home but only in respect of after sales matters reported within two years of the date of the Completion of the New Home.

Nothing contained within the Code affects the Buyer’s existing legal rights and does not replace any existing legislation regarding the sale and marketing of New Homes to consumers. Where a Developer or their Agent is found to be in serious breach of the Code, the Code Sponsor can apply a range of sanctions, including removal from the Code’s register of members.

Leon Livermore, Chief Executive of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, said:

“We are thrilled to welcome Sennocke International to the Consumer Code Approval Scheme.

“Being part of an approved code of practice drives up customer standards and raises overall consumer trust.

“By becoming a member Sennocke International has proved that it is committed to delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and going over and above the requirements of consumer law.”

Peter Richardson, Director of the Code Sponsor Sennocke International said;

“We are delighted to receive CTSI Stage 2 approval for our Code which has been designed to support best practice and improved consumer protection when it comes to the sale and purchase of a new home.  We are certain that having a CTSI approved code of practice will give the consumer a high level of confidence when making possibly the biggest investment of their life. Our Code provides the consumer with a voice and robust mechanism to resolve disputes with the house builder, should they arise”.

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