Build Zone Survey Services

Build Zone Survey Services Ltd (BZSS), manages the Site Inspection process for Self-Build Zone for your project.  This is required in order for Self-Build-Zone to issue their 10 year Structural Warranty.  We handle Surveys and Inspections for all types of projects whether part complete or complete, new build or conversions.


We also work with a number of other specialists therefore being able to facilitate a number of other services to the Self – Builder including Building Control, snagging reports, Party Wall, CDM, Air Pressure Testing EPC and SAP Assessments.

As part of the audit for Self-Build Zone, we are able to offer our Stage Completion Certification to the Client.

Stage Certificates are often required if you are looking to take out a loan or mortgage for the project and the funds are provided to you in stages.  These are sometimes referred to as “Architects Certificates”.

BZSS can arrange this for you but you need inform us at the start of the build and provide the following information.  We will need to know if you have an “Arrears” or “Advance” loan and what stages the certificates are required by your Lender.

It is not unusual for Lenders to require certification at different stages to those required for Building Control or Warranty Technical Audit visits.  To minimise any inconvenience, we will try and arrange for these to coincide but the requirements of Building Control or the Warranty Technical Audits will always take precedent.

If visits cannot be co-ordinated, then it may be possible to accept photographic evidence as confirmation that the stage has been reached.  Typically, this will involve 2-3 photos of the build externally and 3-7 internal photos which are then emailed to the BZSS ( in order that the project can be reviewed and the relevant Certificate issued to you.

For any further information please go online or talk to one our Team on 01732 744186 or email or alternatively go online at

Alternatively, you can discuss your build with one of Self-Build Zone Team on 0345 230 8974 or alternatively go on online at