The Next Generation Report – Homebuilders and their contribution to a sustainable future.

The Next Generation Report is an annual sustainability benchmark comprising the 25 biggest homebuilders across the UK.

The Next Generation Full Report

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Government, investors and the public alike benefit from the benchmark as is provides an improved understanding with regard to the sustainability of the homebuilders operations as well as the new homes they build.

The benchmark also performs as a forum to discuss challenges, share ideas, test concepts and gain insight from expert speakers.

The benchmark has been operated with the same criteria for the past three years, and examines more than 250 criteria with its triple bottom line approach to sustainability, the industry trends can therefore be analysed with confidence when reflecting back on 2013.

Approaching the “green ceiling”, 2013 has been the first year in which a company has scored over 90% in the benchmark.  Run by Jones Lang LaSalle and supported by the Homes and Communities Agency, the Next Generation Initiative has been scoring and monitoring house builders since 2006 with regard to the sustainability of the homes they build, their construction and policies.

The top four house builders have all achieved a score of over 80%, with the average score of all firms seeing a 6% increase. Top performers include:

  • The Berkeley Group who achieved first place in the NextGeneration benchmark.

Rob Perrins, Managing Director of the BerkeleyGroup commented:

“We are aware of the need to balance our aim to be successful with a will to operate sustainably and with social purpose.”

  • Crest Nicholson in second place achieving the highest overall mark in socio-economic sustainability.
  • Miller homes with the highest score in Phase one, demonstrating a leading position in transparency.
  • Willmott Dixon achieved Most Improved Company in this year’s benchmark.

 2013 Facts

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It is evident that when taken as a whole, remarkable progress has been made by the house building industry over the course of one year.

The progress is supported by the increased investment in sustainability as well as enhanced research expressing the value it adds.  Creating a sustainable built environment forms part of a long term goal, and whilst significant progress has been made, there continue to be challenges ahead. Developing integrated strategies for understanding the impacts of development activities, and demonstrating the value of sustainability are key elements for direction in the future.

Whilst reflecting on remarkable trends the report welcomes the emergence of new challenges in sustainability, and poses the question; where next for sustainable homes?



The 2013 Next Generation Report