Barclays and UK government plan £1bn housing fund

Barclays has teamed up with Homes England to offer smaller house builders’ access to a £1bn pot of loan finance to tackle England’s housing shortage.

housing fund

Competitively-priced loans ranging from £5m to a maximum ceiling of potentially £100m, will be on offer to house builders with the necessary experience and track records.

They will be made available to existing and new customers and are designed to cover up to 80 % of costs or 70% of the value of the project.

Under the new arrangement, Barclays is putting up £875m, while Homes England will release £125m.

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Could Modular Housing provide millions of good new homes?

Modular Housing could be the answer to Britain’s housing needs! They are built off-site, enabling quick and fuss-free construction.

modular housing

On average, house prices in England are seven times people’s incomes, and over a million families with children now rent from private landlords. Could modular housing be part of the solution?

Modular homes are constructed from “modules” that are pre-built off-site in factories. However, Nicky Gavron, former deputy mayor of London and long-time advocate for modular housing, says the recent models are “light years” away from prefab homes of the past. “Now they are precision-engineered, digitally designed, eco-efficient, slashing energy bills and affordable. Not just affordable to build, but to live in.”

Modular technology is quick to assemble, which is why historically it has been used in the military and public sector. This is exactly why the country needs it, Gavron argues.

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It’s MIPIM UK Week – The Build-Zone team are going to MIPIM UK

Join the Build-Zone team at MIPIM UK – The leading property summit for all key stakeholders in UK real estate!

Build-Zone at MIPIM

We are excited to be attending MIPIM UK from the 17th till the 18th of October at London, Olympia.

MIPIM UK is the UK’s largest and most insightful property event for professionals providing the most comprehensive conference programme in the real estate industry.

It is the leading property summit for all key stakeholders in UK real estate to connect and do business.

Fore more information on why you should visit, click here.

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Meet the Self-Build Experts at Homebuilding & Renovating

Self Build Zone, working in partnership with Homebuilding and Renovating, are at Excel this week and are making available various Experts from the Industry to answer any questions or assist visitors with their Projects.

Included are:

  • Approved Inspectors dealing with any questions on Building Control
  • Claims and Loss Adjusters if you are have any specific claims issues
  • Specialist Surveyors and Valuers who deal with Technical Audits and Property Valuations (including Listed Properties)
  • Experts on Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Risk Engineering if you have any questions regarding Loss Prevention or Fire Risks for Residential or Commercial Risks.
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Innovations to Improve Risk Management in Construction

Does your company embrace technology to improve efficiency, safety, cost, and construction quality? If the answer is yes, then here are some innovations to keep an eye on this year.

Improving risk management with Predictive Analytics

The ability to manage risk often creates the difference between a successful construction firm and one that is struggling.

In 2017, Project IQ did a series of beta tests with industry-leading companies to examine how much they could help firms manage risk by making use of predictive analytics. Data from subcontractors, design plans, materials suppliers, and the build site are analysed to examine risk factors. Project IQ makes use of previous data and how contractors interact with the information before them to provide more precise and valuable risk assessments.

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